Some details about the Bulgarian “occupation” of Vardar Macedonia
Posted by Karloukovski
Posted on 7/27/99 08:15 AM
From Host/IP
>rasprashav, dedo mi bil Partizan,
>prvoborec vo Prilep ( Ako ne ti e poznato,
>tamu e dignato vostanieto protiv Bugarskiot okupator).

Igor, my deep, deep disregards to that dedo of yours. You say he participated
in the first "vostanie proiv Bugarskiot okupator"?

Well, do you know what was so particular in Prilep and in the Prilep organisation
of the Communist party which set it apart from rest of Macedonia? -

The whole of the Macedonian Communist party (the so called Pokrainski komitet
na YuCP), under the leadership of Metodij Shatorov (Sharlo) was against the
integrity of Yugoslavia even before the German invasion. And after that they
were against the preservation of Yugoslavia, against partisan actions for this.
Shatorov and his comrades changed the name of their regional organisation - from
"Pokrainski komitet na komunist. partija na Yugoslavija" to "Pokrainski komitet
na rabotnicheskata partija na MAKEDONIJA" and as such it LEFT THE
of the them, except VERA ACEVA... The two Serbians in the Macedonian
Central Committee - Blazha Orlandich and Dobrivoe Vidich, were kicked
out of party. They were told they were Serbians, newcomers, and as such they
had no place in Macedonia.

For all this Tito and the Serbians were VERY ANGRY!!!
Shatorov wanted the Serbian colonizers who took the BEST land in Macedonia to go
back to Serbia (as they did later under Bulgarian rule)!

Now on all this background, let's see the "noble" deeds of your dedo and the
rest of the Prilep partisan group which first attacked the Bulgarian troops:

- the local Party committee in Prilep had one very active Serbian, a son of
Serbian colonizers - Blagoe Ristich-Bale.

- while the whole of the Pokrainski komitet were against YuCP and against fighting
FOR the YuCP, the serboman fraction of the Local Prilep Committee (LC)
ACCEPTED the proposal of the YuCP for an "armed fight against the occupier".
The other fraction in Prilep - father and son Ordan and Kiril Debelomeso, Klajneto
(Dimche Toplichanec), etc., were against this, against the Serbomans. Vera Aceva
was WITH the Serbomans, and she writes:

"Regardless of the feelings of the populations, who hated the Kingdom of Yugoslavia,
the Communists were obliged to convince the citizens that they should DEFEND the
country [i.e. Yugoslavia]..."
[ in "Partijnata organizacija vo podgotovka i organiziranjeto na vooruzhenoto vostanie
vo Prilep 1941 godina", in "Prilep i Prilepsko vo NOV, 1941 - materijali od Nauchniot
sobor odrzhan na 11, 12 i 13 dekemvri", Skopje, 1976, s.26 ]

However, some people didn't want to fight for Yugoslavia, and Aceva says:

"Some of them do not want to go, even one member of the Local [Prilep] committee -
Ordan Chopela. They were not convinced that this antimacedonian Kingdom Yugoslavia
must be defended"
[the same source]

- When the Germans attacked Yugoslavia (6.06.1941), only one day later (7.06.1941)
the Local Committee in Prilep decided they must save the Serbian soldiers by finding
them civil clothes so that they wouldn't be captured by the Germans...

- When the Bulgarian authorities decided that the Serb colonizers (some 4000 families,
including these from the Prilepsko) are unwanted and must LEAVE Macedonia, the Serb/
Serboman dominated Prilep LC were AGAINST! The same Vera Aceva in the cited above
report says:

"With the coming of the Bulgarian fascists they began the expulsion of the Serbian
families and their sending to Serbia, as well as of the colonizers from the close
[to Prilep] villages in Prilepsko: Aleksandrovo, Petrovo, etc. The local committee...
took the stance that these families must be helped..., to stop their mistreatment
on the hands of the Bulgarians occupiers, especially from the hands of various
BULGAROPHILE elements within the town and the neighbourhood."

How these Serbians were helped? They were hidden, protected, after that their
properties were hidden, etc.

"The same was our treatment even towards the families of the most hardened Great
Serbians, who oppressed (“vyrsheha zulumi”) the Macedonian population."
[op.cit, s. 42]

- when Kolishevski arrived in Prilep on October 8th 1941, bringing with him Tito's
order for an uprising on October 11th, he deliberately avoided Shatorov's comrades
and hid with the serbomans Kiril and Metodij Tarata, old friends of his from the
shovinistic Serbian high school in Kraguevac...

- the first Prilep partisan who started the shooting was Dushko Naumovski -
at 10 p.m. on 10th October he killed the soldier, guarding the police station.
(Dushko approached the soldier and asked for a light for his cigarette. While
the soldier was trying to assist, he was stabbed by Dushko).

But: Dushko Naumovski was born in Kraguevac, in Shumadia, Serbia! His parents
were natives of Prilep but emigrated to Serbia and were Serbinized...

And the soldier he killed was from Voden, Aegean Macedonia!! 19 years old, he was
a volunteer in the Bulgarian army which at that time tried to liberate more parts of
Macedonia and was fighting for Western Macedonia against the Italians and Albanians.

- another prominent Serboman in this "partisan attack" was Ocka (Jordan) Mihajlovski
from the village of Dolgaec, Prilepsko.

So long with the "famous" (really INFAMOUS) "uprising against the Bulg. occupiers"
you, Igor, are so proud of... A terrorist action, guided by a foreign power and in
the interest of the hated in Macedonia oppressors and colonizers. Performed by a
band of misguided and criminal serbomans...

For your info, the killer of that soldier from Voden was reported to the Bulg.
police and he was captured and executed. And many people in Prilep knew (and still
know) that Prilepchanin who informed the police, but NOBODY betrayed him and he
couldn't be punished (read: executed) when Vera Aceva, Kolishevski & Co. came to
power in 1944...

As for the other Prilep fraction - the "Debelomesovci" (the father Ordan Debelomeso
was the founder of the communist party in Prilep), who in the summer of 1941
contacted the Bulgarian Com-party and followed Shatorov and Chento - in 1944 they
were proclaimed "traitors of the people's liberation struggle (“narodoosloboditelna
borba”) and servants of the Bulgarian occupiers" and were murdered following the
orders of Svetlozar Vukmanovich-Tempo and Cvetko Uzunovski.

This was the first mass murder - in Prilep - Dimche Toplichanec-Klajneto, Ordan
Debelomeso, his son, Trajche Elektrotehnika from Selce, Koce Kjurkchiev, Aleksandur
Hadzhizdravev, his uncle Pancho Hadzhizdravev, Hristo (Icko) Ivanov Surchar, Ilija
Ristevski Lazho, Doncho Severski from Varosh, Nikola Stojanov - Mamin Koljo, Miro
Simonovski (a relative of Dimitur Talev, a mayor of the Albanian village of
Desovo) - hanged by Vera Aceva herself, Ilija Orovchanec - Nikodinec, Icko Radeski,
Milan Gjurljukov - an old voevoda from Krivogashtani, etc., etc.

>Posle godina dve dedo mi stanal komandant na edinica, znachi lichno skinal
>mnogu , mnogu bugarski gomna na shto sum osobeno gord.

Yes, indeed, you must be very proud of this srybsko mekere i podloga, your dedo...

BTW, tell me his name, tell me how he fared after the "uprising", because I know
that at that time, 1941, the majority of Prilepchani, as in whole of Macedonia,
were FOR Bulgaria and against the sell outs (prodadeni dushi) of Tito. That is
why the Prilep "partisans" were almost completely annihilated - Dimche Mirevski
in the paper "Formiraneto, aktivnostite i akciite na prviot prilepski partizanski
otred "Goce Delchev" [in the same collection] acknowledges that:

"Out of 33 people 14 were killed, and most of the rest were captured and tried..."
"15-16 people were arrested besides more, who participated in the attack against
the town on 11th of October but were arrested as well"
[s. 396]

I spent so much time replying to you only to express, once more, my deep, deep
disregard and disgust towards the criminal and traitorous actions of you dedo,
an enemy of Macedonia.

((Neka se peche dushata mu v ada! Naveki!!))