Byzantium: its internal history and relations with the Muslim World

Speros Vryonis Jr.



Byzantium: its internal history and relations with the Muslim World


Professor Speros Vryonis Jr.


Collected Studies. Preface by Milton V. Anastos


Variorum reprints London 1971


ISBN 0 902089 16 1


Published in Great Britain by VARIORUM REPRINTS

21a Pembridge Mews

London W11 3EQ


Printed in Switzerland by REDA SA

1225 Chêne-Bourg Geneva


This volume contains a total of 280 pages












I. Hellas Resurgent 92-118 (THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE ROMAN WORLD, ed. L. White. University of California Press (Berkeley-Los Angeles, 1966))


II. Byzantium: The Social Basis of Decline in the Eleventh Century 159-175 (In: Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies, II n.2 (1959). Cambridge, Massachusetts)


III. Byzantine ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ and the Guilds in the Eleventh Century 289-314 (In: Dumbarton Oaks Papers, XVII ( 1963). The Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies)


IV. St. Ioannicius the Great (754-848) and the “Slavs” of Bithynia 245-248 (In: Byzantion, XXXI (1961))


V. The Will of a Provincial Magnate, Eustathius Boilas (1059) 263-277 (In: Dumbarton Oaks Papers, XI (1957). Harvard University Press)


VI. The Question of the Byzantine Mines (In: Speculum, XXXVII n. 1 (1962). The Mediaeval Academy of America 1-17)




VII. An Attic Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins (668-741) from the Thomas Whittemore Collection and the Numismatic Evidence for the Urban History of Byzantium 291-300 (In: Zbornik Raciova Vizantoloshkog Instituta, VIII (Belgrade 1963))


VIII. Review Article of TRAVAUX ET MEMOIRES, ed. P. Lemerle, vol. I (Paris 1965) 210-234 (In: Byzantina, I (1969))




IX. Byzantium and Islam, Seven-Seventeenth Century 205-240 (In: East European Quarterly, II n. 3 (1968))


X. Byzantine Circus Factions and Islamic Futuwwa Organisations (Neaniai, Fityan, Ahdath) 46-59 (In: Byzantininische Zeitschrift, LVIII (1965))


XI. The Conditions and Cultural Significance of the Ottoman Conquest in the Balkans (Rapport at the IIé Congrès international des études du sud-est européen 3-10 (Athens, 1970))


XII. Seljuk Gulams and the Ottoman Devshirmes 224-252 (In: Der Islam, XLI (Berlin, 1965))


XIII. Isidore Glabas and the Turkish Devshirme 433-443 (In: Speculum, XXXI n. 3 (1956). The Mediaeval Academy of America)


XIV. Review article of B. Papoulia, Ursprung und Wesen der “Knabenlese” im osmanischen Reich (Munich, 1963) 433-443 (In: Balkan Studies, V (1964))





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