Variorum Reprints. Collected Studies series




Byzantium: its internal history and relations with the Muslim World

Collected Studies. Preface by Milton V. Anastos


Professor Speros Vryonis Jr.



 Variorum reprints

London 1971

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        Preface — Acknowledgements




I. Hellas Resurgent  (1966)

II. Byzantium: The Social Basis of Decline in the Eleventh Century  (1959)

III. Byzantine ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ and the Guilds in the Eleventh Century  (1963)

IV. St. Ioannicius the Great (754-848) and the “Slavs” of Bithynia  (1961)

V. The Will of a Provincial Magnate, Eustathius Boilas (1059)  (1957)

VI. The Question of the Byzantine Mines  (1962)

VII. An Attic Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins (668-741) from the Thomas Whittemore Collection and the Numismatic Evidence for the Urban History of Byzantium  (1963)

VIII. Review Article of TRAVAUX ET MEMOIRES, ed. P. Lemerle, vol. I (Paris 1965)  (1969)




IX. Byzantium and Islam, Seven-Seventeenth Century  (1968)

X. Byzantine Circus Factions and Islamic Futuwwa Organisations (Neaniai, Fityān, Aṯẖ)  (1965)

XI. The Conditions and Cultural Significance of the Ottoman Conquest in the Balkans  (1970)

XII. Seljuk Gulams and the Ottoman Devshirmes  (1965)

XIII. Isidore Glabas and the Turkish Devshirme  (1956)

XIV. Review article of B. Papoulia, Ursprung und Wesen der “Knabenlese” im osmanischen Reich (Munich, 1963)  (1964)




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