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Byzantium and Europe


Speros Vryonis, Jr.


Thames and Hudson, London 1967



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The monastery of St Catherine’s, built by Justinian, contains the only extensive collection of pre-iconoclast Byzantine images, including this sixth-century Virgin enthroned



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    The emperors of Byzantium

I. Transition from antiquity and the emergence of Byzantium

Chaos of the third century — Reforms of Diocletian and Constantine — The barbarian threat — Crisis of the fourth and fifth centuries — Justinian the Great


II. Establishment of a homogeneous Byzantine society

- Heraclians and Isaurians (Retrenchment — The threat of Islam — The new Western empire — Disorder in the Balkans — Administrative change — Iconoclasm — Cultural changes)

- Macedonians (The Byzantine reconquista — Economic life — The rôle of the Church — The Macedonian contribution to Byzantine culture)


III. Decline

Internal problems — Victory of the military — Social and economic changes — The external threat — The crisis of 1071 — Revival under Alexius I Comnenus — Alexius’ successors — Flowering of the arts — The fall of Constantinople


IV. Prostration and collapse

The splintering of Hellenism — The Latin administration — Interplay of the Greek and Latin cultures — Reconquest of Constantinople — A temporary victory — The rise of the Turks — The literature of decline — The end of Byzantium




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