Chapel of Hosios David, Thessalonica : Detail from the apse mosaic, Head of Christ



Early Byzantine churches in Macedonia and southern Serbia

A Study of the Origins and the Initial Development of East Christian Art


by Ralph F. Hoddinott



Palgrave Macmillan

 London 1963





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Additional reading: O. Ilić, Early Christian baptistries in Northern Illyricum (Starinar LVI/2006, p. 223-244)

„Много ценна и малко позната публикация... с чудесни скици, на които не се вижда никъде отток на баптистериите. И доста голяма библиография по въпроса. (Асен Чилингиров, Август 2018)


    Preface — Acknowledgements


I. The Legacy of Alexander

II. The Liturgical Background of the Early Byzantine Church

III. Sanctuary and Nave in the Early Byzantine Church



IV. Roman Macedonia and the Mission of St Paul

V. The Centuries of Persecution and the First Gothic Invasions

VI. Political and Ecclesiastical Rivalries

VII. Renewed Gothic Invasions and the Appearance of the Slavs

VIII. The Slav Settlement in the Balkans




    IX. The Monuments — I : Constantine to Justin I (Early Fourth to Early Sixth Century)

1. The ‘Extra Muros’ Basilica, Philippi

2. The ‘Agora’ Basilica, Thasos

3. The Rotunda of St George, Thessalonica

4. The Palace Octagon, Thessalonica

5. The Two Basilicas at Dion

6. The Basilica of St Demetrius, Thessalonica

7. The Basilica of the Holy Virgin ‘ Acheiropoietos’, Thessalonica

8. The Basilica at Tumba, Thessalonica

9. The Two Basilicas at Heraclea Lyncestis

10. The Basilica of Bishop Philip, Stobi

11. The Cemetery Basilica, Stobi

12. The Quatrefoil Baptistery Basilica, Stobi

13. The Basilica A, Philippi

14. The Chapel of Hosios David, Thessalonica

15. The ‘Synagogue’ Basilica, Stobi

16. The Cruciform Basilica, Thasos

17. The Basilica at Voskohoria

18. The Basilica at Palikura, near Stobi


    X. The Monuments — II : Justinian to the Slav Settlement (527 to Seventh Century)

19. The Basilica B, Philippi

20. Country Churches in the Neighbourhood of Caričin Grad

21. The Basilicas at Lipljan

22. The Sixth-Century Foundations of the Holy Virgin of Ljeviša, Prizren

23. The Basilica at Suvodol

24. The Sixth-Century City of Caričin Grad

25. The Episcopal Basilica, Caričin Grad

26. The Crypt Basilica, Caričin Grad

27. The Cruciform Church, Caričin Grad

28. The South-West Basilica, Caričin Grad

29. The South Church, Caričin Grad

30. The Domed Church at Konjuh


Addendum to Chapter X

31. The Acropolis Basilica at Bregovina

32. Two Basilicas at Ohrid

33. The Basilicas at Studenčišta and Radolišta

34. The Basilica at Oktisi

    XI. The End of an Era


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