Bulgaria in Antiquity. An Archaeological Introduction

Ralph Hoddinott


Ralph Hoddinott





Ralph F. Hoddinott, author of Early Byzantine Churches in Macedonia and Southern Serbia, has worked and travelled widely in central and south-east Europe and the Middle East during the last 35 years, including periods of study at the British School at Athens and at the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara. Working on the art and archaeology of the Early Byzantine period with especial reference to the origins, he visited Bulgaria in 1964. The relatively unknown monuments of earlier Antiquity he saw there led him to investigate, by research and by further independently undertaken journeys, the archaeological heritage of the country. Accompanied by his wife Barbara, whose interests include the study of Slav and other languages and of Thracian burial rituals, he has travelled all over Bulgaria, visiting every relevant museum and almost all the sites described which are still visible, as well as many others.



Bulgaria in Antiquity
An Archaeological Introduction

R. F. Hoddinott

This is the first book in English on the art and archaeology of Antiquity in what is now Bulgaria and the first in any language to treat this period here as an entity. Written sources, inscriptions, and coins have been drawn upon to place the main archaeological sites and monuments within their social and historical setting.

Beginning with the Ionian arrival about 600 b.c., Mr. Hoddinott deals first with the Black Sea colonies and the effect of Greek and other civilizations on the native Thracian culture. He then assesses the consequence of absorption into the Roman Empire—the legionary headquarters and fortified settlements of the Danubian limes and the Romano-Hellenistic cities, villages, and villas of the interior; the major pagan cults are also described. Finally he examines the churches and fortifications— Byzantium’s linked spiritual and secular defences—of the fifth and sixth centuries and the barbarian pressures which eventually brought about a new dark age— from which the first Bulgarian state was to emerge.

Extensive research has been carried out in Bulgaria to supplement the study of excavation and other reports, normally published only in Bulgarian. Most of the plans and splendid photographs of art treasures will be new to readers in the West, including site photographs taken by the author especially for the book.


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