Dubrovnik in the 14th and 15th centuries: A City Between East and West

Bariša Krekić




1.     Athens in the Age of Pericles, by Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr.

2.     Shiraz: Persian City of Saints and Poets, by A. J. Arberry.

3.     Constantinople in the Age of Justinian, by Glanville Downey.

4.     Fez in the Age of the Marinides, by Roger Le Tourneau, translated from the French by Besse Alberta Clement.

5.     Rome in the Augustan Age, by Henry Thompson Rowell.

6.     Antioch in the Age of Theodosius the Great, by Glanville Downey.

7.     Dublin in the Age of William Butler Yeats and James Joyce, by Richard M. Kain.

8.     Gaza in the Early Sixth Century, by Glanville Downey.

9.     Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire, by Bernard Lewis.

10.  Aix-la-Chapelle in the Age of Charlemagne, by Richard E. Sullivan.

11.  Thebes in the Age of Amunhotep III, by Elizabeth Riefstahl.

12.  Damascus Under the Mamluhs, by Nicola A. Ziadeh.

13.  Chicago, by Edward Wagenknecht.

14.  Moscow and the Roots of Russian Culture, by Arthur Voyce.

15.  Florence in the Age of Dante, by Paul Ruggiers.

16.  Cairo, by Gaston Wiet, translated by Seymour Feiler.

17.  Edinburgh in the Age of Sir Walter Scott, by Douglas Young.





18.  Bukhara, by Richard Nelson Frye.

19.  Boston in the Age of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, by Walter Muir Whitehill.

20.  Vienna in the Age of Franz Josef, by Arthur J. May.

21.  Amsterdam in the Age of Rembrandt, by John J. Murray.

22.  Kyoto in the Momoyama Period, by Wendell Cole.

23.  London in the Age of Charles Dickens, by Aldon D. Bell.

24.  Sardis in the Age of Croesus, by John Griffiths Pedley.

25.  Los Angeles: A Profile, by W. W. Robinson.

26.  Charleston in the Age of the Pinckneys, by George C. Rogers, Jr.

27.  Antwerp in the Age of Plantin and Brueghel, by John J. Murray.

28.  Baghdad: Metropolis of the Abbasid Caliphate, by Gaston Wiet, translated by Seymour Feiler.

29.  Dijon and the Valois Dukes of Burgundy, by William R. Tyler.

30.  Dubrovnik in the 14th and 15th Centuries: A City Between East and West, by Bariša Krekić.


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