Dr Trendafil Mitev


The information exposed above provides the reasons for a conclusion that MPO is the direct heir and chief follower of the work started by the first Bulgarian patriotic emigrant organizations in the New World in relation to the struggles to unite the broken and dispersed Bulgarian people. The different phases that the Macedonian issue went through have put a pressure upon MPO to develop and enrich its ways and means to achieve its aims. Firmly based upon VMRO’s rich experience and traditions, MPO has further developed into one of the most interesting and original Bulgarian national-liberation organizations. It has worked legally for more than 70 years in the New World. As a result of this, MPO has contributed greatly toward the worldwide knowledge of historical truth related to the injustice done to Macedonian Bulgarians at the Paris Peace Conference. Its unprejudiced and consistent ways of following its political aims from democratic positions are some of the greatest achievements in the national liberation movement of Macedonian Bulgarians as a whole. Researching MPO’s experience can be very helpful for the further establishment of useful relations between all good-willed factors in politics, desiring to support the Republic of Macedonia as a factor for agreement and cooperation of Bulgarians all over the world.

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