Bulgaria during the Second World War


Marshall Lee Miller


Stanford University Press

Stanford, California 1975


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      Historical Introduction  (The Bitter Heritage - Politics and Parties During the Interwar Period - Foreign Policy)


I. SEPTEMBER 1939-MAY 1941

      1. The Outbreak of the War  (Soviet Overtures to Bulgaria - The BKP After the Nazi-Soviet Pact - The Elections of 1939-40 - The Waning of Neutrality)

      2. The Dobruja Crisis  (The Problems of Territorial Revision - The Craiova Agreement and the Bulgarian Reaction)

      3. Competition for the Balkans  (The Sobolev Offer - The Italian Invasion of Greece - Leaning Toward the Axis - Communist Reaction to the New Policy - Allied Diplomatic Efforts - The Bulgarian-Turkish Pact)

      4. Bulgaria Joins the Axis  (The Soviet Protest - The British Break Diplomatic Relations - Developments in Yugoslavia)

      5. Operation Marita  (The Bulgarian Entry into Macedonia)


II. JUNE 1941-AUGUST 1943

      6. From Barbarossa to Pearl Harbor  (The Failure of Clandestine Communist Activities - New German Pressures - Uncertainty About Turkey - Pearl Harbor and Its Significance)

      7. Parries and Parleys  (Continuing Bulgarian-Soviet Ties - The Nationalist Opposition - Hitler and Tsar Boris - Turkey and the German Plans - The Zaimov Affair)

      8. No Friends, Just Foes  (The Continuing Deterioration of Bulgarian-Soviet Relations - Fear of an Allied Invasion - Internal Developments)

      9. The Jewish Question  (Legislation Against the Jews - The Dannecker-Belev Agreement - The Kyustendil Incident - The Sparing of the Jews)

    10. The Allied Threat  (The Allied Conditions for Peace - The Threat of an Allied Invasion - The Murder of General Lukov)

    11. The Bulgarian Occupation of Macedonia  (The Occupation of Vardar Macedonia - IMRO and Ivan Mihailov - The Occupation of Aegean Macedonia - The Conflict Between the Yugoslav and the Bulgarian Communists)

    12. The Death of Tsar Boris  (Rumors and Suspicions - Theories About the Return from Rastenburg - The German Reaction to the Tsar’s Death - A Possible Solution)



    13. The Regency and Bozhilov  (The Formation of the Regency - The Aegean Campaign - The Fatherland Front)

    14. Bombs and Peace Feelers  (The Allied Bombing of Bulgaria - Peace Feelers)

    15. The Bagryanov Government  (Bagryanov and His Cabinet - Negotiations with the Allies - The Soviet Union and Turkey - The Change in Policy Stalled - The Results of Rumania’s Defection - Moscow’s Double Game - Negotiations with the Fatherland Front)

    16. The Partisans  (The Failure of the Resistance Movement in 1941 - The 1943 Partisan Revival - British Assistance to the Partisans)

    17. The Last Phase  (The Formation of a New Government - Muraviev’s Initial Actions - Clashes with the Germans - The Soviet Declaration of War - Communist Strides and Demonstrations - The Coup of September 9, 1944)




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