Gotsé Delchev (right) as a cadet in the Sofia Military School, with Gotse Imov



Freedom or Death

The Life of Gotsé Delchev



Mercia MacDermott


The Journeyman Press

London & West Nyack



A group of revolutionaries with Baba Dona in Kyustendil, 1902. Second from left, back row: Gotse Delchev


Surely it is no small thing to be just a human being.

                Gotsé Delchev

This book is dedicated to the Hundredth Anniversary of Bulgaria's Liberation from the Ottoman yoke on March 3 1878


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  1. 'It should be called not Macedonia but Mukidonia.'

  2. Macedonia, wonderful land, Never shall she be Greek!

  3. 'A mother had a longed-for son, A longed-for son, the choicest of sons.'

  4. From the peaks of Pirin Mountain In despair a voice is calling

  5. March, O regenerated people, Towards a brighter dawn, march on!

  6. We are not seeking riches, We are not seeking gold

  7. An egg is tiny, but a large bird comes out of it

  8. High art thou soaring, Vitosha, dear one, High art thou soaring to the blue heavens

  9. Brother does not feed brother, yet it goes hard with him that has none

10. They threw Doncho into a dark dungeon, They tortured Doncho in a narrow cell

11. What is the softest and warmest thing in the world? The heart

12. I am your brother, but I am also your enemy

13. Here, to high heaven rise shrieks so despairing

14. See, Stoyané, dusk has fallen, I will go and light the oil-lamps

15. Even brothers quarrel, but still they remain brothers

16. Is a cloud thundering, is the earth echoing, Is it the falcon that screams - heroes' bird?

17. Two sharp stones grind no flour

18. Lo, a black cloud came, appearing From the peak of Pirin Mountain

19. To live means to struggle - the slave for freedom, and the freeman for perfection

20. I do not want my country divided, Nor seven knives to leave it bloodied

21. Fire and gunpowder should be kept apart

22. Delchev voivoda has no mother - His mother is the Macedonian land

23. Stricken he lies there – Milé Popyordanov

24. Lo, a dark cloud came appearing From the land of Macedonia

25. O little bird, O nightingale, Sing me, oh, sing me a little song


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