FOR FREEDOM AND PERFECTION. The Life of Yané Sandansky
Mercia MacDermott



When the Great Powers dismembered Bulgaria in the last century, artificially creating the ‘Macedonian Question’, they guaranteed that the Balkan Peninsula would become the ‘powder-keg’ of Europe.


Eager for national unification and unwilling to submit to Ottoman rule, the Bulgarian population resorted to armed struggle, forming a remarkable network of secret committees known as the Internal Organisation.


This account of the life of the Bulgarian revolutionary, Yané Sandansky, traces his leadership of the most progressive wing of the Organisation, in which he was to play a vital role. Under the influence of socialist ideas it tried to solve the ‘Macedonian Question’, not by war, but by uniting all the Balkan peoples in a common struggle for a better life. For Freedom and Perfection is based on contemporary documents, newspaper reports, memoirs etc, many of which have never been published before, and appear for the first time in an English translation.


Mercia MacDermott was born in 1927 in Plymouth, the daughter of a Royal Navy surgeon. She was educated at Westonbirt School (Gloucestershire); St Anne’s College, Oxford, where she read Russian Literature; and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London.


Her previous books include A History of Bulgaria: 1393-1885 (1962); The Apostle of Freedom (1967), a biography of Vasil Levsky; and Freedom or Death, the Life of Gotsé Delchev (1978), for which she received a Bulgarian doctorate, and was also awarded the Paissi Hilendarsky Prize given annually by Sofia University and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.