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Hi to all.
In my past few postings, we examined the situation in our Villages, around Monastiri in the early 1850-60 and around Florina around 1900-1906. There is absolutely no doubt, that the only ones fighting for the Land under the Geographical name Makedonia, were the Bulgarians with the help of the Russians and the Greeks, alone first and later with the help of Mother Greece. The Serbs got in the game a little later, ironically because the Bulgars were  pushing them  hard, trying to indoctrinate the Slav speaking people, especially after the change of guard from Stambulov to Stoilov.

In there those days were two separate major  groups.

The Greek speaking, and The Slav-Bulgaro-Turkish-etc. idiom speaking people. They were, the first pro-Patriarchate, the second ones pro-Exarchate. The second group later with the involment of the Serbs splited again in Pro-Bulgarians-Exarchists and pro-Serbian -pro-Patriarchate.

During most of the Makedonian struggle and due to the fact that for most of those years Serbia and Greece were allies, not too many serious problems existed among them. Remember Makedonian national conscience those days or similar slogans. The Makedonia for the Makedonians was clearly a Bulgarian slogan, IMRO was  a Bulgarian revolt for which we the Greeks payed for, Delchev was a Bulgarian whose bones were transferred to Skopia, just to keep happy Tito under Stalin's orders. As someone said, the Bulgarians never forgave him for this act. After the division ...or partition...among the three candidates of the land, because a fourth one never existed, and especially after the second Balkan War, it could be said that things were about to settle for good. But this wasn't the case.

The Bulgars of course were the big losers. They lost everything, and what was to be even worse for them, the people that they left behind, as we'll see later, turned around and  renounced them some 30 years later, by calling themselves Ma-c-edonians.


During the years from the second Balkan war till  WWII all three teams had plenty time, to organize, their states according to their wills. Exchanges of population took place, changes of names took place, changes of idioms  took place, maybe even ethnic cleansing took place if according to the well-wishers of today, no more Greeks exist in Pelagonia !!!! Many from the area around  Florina-Monastiri moved out, to America, Canada, Australia. They discovered a better life, but then again ......they discovered Capitalism a very good reason for the rejection by their families left behind, later to renounce Communism, and together with it the Serbian and Bulgarian state, and later the pseudo-state of SKOPIA.

We are now in 1940. The Greeks are winning in Albania till the Germans come in and everybody puts down the guns on the 23rd of April 1941 day of St. George.

<<<The Greeks paroled as a gesture of respect for their heroic effort in defence of their country >>> (1).

The Italians are the ones responsible for the western Makedonia, while the Western Thrace was annexed be the Bulgars, that came in the war as allies of the Germans.

In addition the Bulgars annexed that part of Makedonia, that before the war was part of Serbia. Later in 1943 they occupied also the South-Eastern Serbia. The Bulgarians were thinking still as if it was the 1900. They thought that they were going back to their people, and that their people over there were waiting for them, and were expecting them as Liberators !!!!!!!!!!!

But this was not the case. Over thirty years and for thirty years Bulgaria was afar away..........very far.......and as Kotas said .........the days to there were full with thorns.

New allies were made during this period of time,  a new generation was up, but the Bulgars still were claiming rights that were more than 50 years old. The Bulgarians were ordered to  move their Vth corps, consisiting of three divisions to the land of the Jugoslavian Makedonia, and their  lst corps to Thrace. Later and after a reassignment the lst went to South-Eastern Serbia and the provisional ""Aegean corps"" to Thrace, to be replaced later by the  ll corps.

And HERE and NOW is when the Bulgars are going to lose for EVER Makedonia, and the Serbian, ex Slavo-Bulgars are going to ask to become .........MAKEDONIANS. The Bulgarians, once they did NOT receive the  welcoming that have been waiting  and dreaming for the last  30  years they became violent. And the problem was not only in the Greek side. According to certain stories was even worse in the Jugoslavian side. Do you remember my translation of Modis <<Reversal of Roles >>? About Kaltseff and EAM, ELAS, SNOF, and EON ? Well.........those were the years !!!

<<<A number of incidents involving the native population in Makedonia caused the Bulgarians to turn from a benevolent to a harsh policy of pacification >>>(2).

<<<While in Greece where they felt they were recovering territory lost to the Greeks in the Second Balkan War of 1913, the policy of the Bulgarians was arbitrary and severe from the outset of the occupation >>>(3)

The forces against the Germans-Italians and Bulgars were as follows:

In Serbia we have up in the mountains, Marshal Tito with his Partisans,and at least three times more men then  Nediteh with his Chetnicks.

In Greece to the west  EDES with Zervas 7000 men at the most, ELAS with Sarafis to the rest of the country with 12000 and EKKA with Psarros and a couple thousands at the most.

In Albania Enver Hoxda has 20,000 men.

We see basically that the biggest resistance against the Italo-German-Bulgarians, were the Communist forces. Tito, Sarafis, Psarros, Hoxda.

The Bulgarians applied a policy of ethnic cleansing, were old hates came up, and revenges going back as far as 100 years. If they had a chance to take the local population on their side , they LOST it during those terrible years.The OCHRANA  years .

No matter if the language was the same, no matter if the blood was the same in certain instances, no matter if the friendships were the same. The only thing and this point, to have them going , all of them, were the common means and ends.

In March of 1943 the Bulgarians lost 32 men and they had 26 wounded in a fight with the partisans south of Skopia. During the next couple days the Bulgarians shot 288 persons, burned 550 houses and arrested 715 people. To be arrested  in those days was worse than to be dead.

It was the beginning of the end for the Germans and the Bulgarians. Things were getting really bad for both, while the Italians gave up and were running in the mountains alone, or in German concetration camps, or in Turkey................. King Boris of Bulgaria was afraid that the Turks they might attact Bulgaria, so he was not in a position  or he didn't want to help the Germans any farther. We are in mid 1943, and the communists of ALL three countries against the Germans are becoming nationalistics !!!!!!!!!!!!

They are helped by the Italian and Bulgarian deserters, which are feeling that the end is close, and like the rats are jumping ship..........toward an even worse ship.

The one of Communism.

We have of course like always in the Balkans, the local chieftains and gangs. The Allies are sending gold  and guns for their help, or ............they give the gold to Tito and gives it to them so.....they fight for him. English politics..........go figure it out !!!

Bulgaria's 7th Infantry Division from Thrace, was attached to the German Command at Thessaloniki..........God only knows how many real Greek Patriots lost their lifes those days.

The Bulgarian deserters in the end of 1943, have a place where to go...........Back to their .......ex-friends, the ones speaking the same Slavo-Bulgarian language, to the ones that till yesterday were killing them like no tomorrow.

And .......they took them along. You see............the final victory of the Communism was far more important than who was  fighting for it!!!!!!!! In Greece the Germans were preparing operation WOLF and HORRIDO, while a pound of butter was costing 500,000 drachmas !! All the able-ones to hold guns , were going to the mountains to fight against the Germans, they were going to help......ELAS.  EDES and Zervas were far away too far for the people from Athens, trying to survive.

The Germas, were getting ready for operation MAIGEWITTER, to attact ELAS, Zervas and EDES together with the population of Florina and few gendarmes were getting ready to fight  all three of them , Germans, Communists and Bulgars, in Vitsi and Grammos mountains.

August 24th of 1944, finally the Bulgars are turning 180 degrees around, and desarm the Germans to the East, around Thrace. The Germans are implementing plan TREUBRUCH to seize Skopia. ...............And plan JUDAS to disarme the.........Bulgars. A real mess !!

September the 8th.....the Bulgars declare war against the Germans.........hehehehehe..............In Monastiri, 5,000 Bulgars lay down their guns, in Skopia and Prilep are still fighting.

At this point the Soviets are entering in the game.

The 1st,2nd,and 4th Bulgarian armies are moving to the west, in Sofia we have the 37th and 57th Soviet Armies. Communists finally all around Greece!!! In Jugoslavia Tito in full power, in Albania Hoxda after a civil war, in power, and in Greece.............more and more fighting, this time against EAM-ELAS, and  against   the Communists from Jugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Albania helped by the Soviets   while our side were EDES, and the English, from Athens to Florina.............Savage fighting.............worse than before, most likely the worst, worst from them all so far. THEY were so.......close and yet.....NO CIGAR !!!!!!!

Maybe you start understanding the hate and the reasons behind it !!

So when TITO comes out as a winner among the Communists and especially against the Bulgar Communists, everybody is ready to worship him and his positions. You see.......TITO was getting even for the time when the  local leadership left the Jugoslavian Communist party in order to follow the Bulgarian Communists. Tito had divide his confederation in six Socialistic-Democracies !! One of them the Makedonian one. It was the time of the cold war, Makedonia of Jugoslavia was just that, A piece of Makedonian  land  belonging to the Communist Jugoslavs. We had our Greek Makedonia, the Bulgars had their Pirin more time, they were  the losers.

And so we are coming in todays SKOPIA-LAND .

Who are they and what do they want ?

They are the SLAVOBULGARIANS,. from the 1850, the same ones that used to speak the mixt idiom, the ones that fought against us and the Patiarchate under the flags of the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian Exarchate. The same ones that after the 1912-13 partition of the land were brainwashed by the Serbs, while still waiting for their Bulgarian brothers to liberate them !!!!!! The same ones, that once their brothers came around to set them free, turned around and told them, thanks but NO thanks, we are Tito's boys now and we don't need you no more . WE ARE COMMUNISTS !! And when  Communism, under the pressure from the west, broke up in pieces, those leftovers, decide that was time to brake up one more time and become INDEPENDENT. The ex- chicken thiefs, the ex-Exarchates, the Ex-Bulgars, the Ex-Tito's Makedonians, the ex-Slavo-Bulgaro-Turkish-Greek-Albanian Speakers all of a sudden they want to have a country all by themselves , a history 4,000 years old , but with a language given to them by Kirillos and Methodios, only 1100 years ago. No problem...............The SKOPIANS are tellinmg us that the language that Kyrillos and Methodios gave to them was ...............Alexander's language !!!!!!!  Doesn't matter if within their pseudostate people are speaking more Albanian then the ""idiom"". But that ""Idiom "" has and MUST become a language !!!!!!!  A different one !!!!!!!!  A new one !!!!!!! No matter if the Bulgarians are crying ....FOUL !!!!!!

Foul my butt !!!!!! You lost, suckers..........the Bulgarian language was never.........Makedonian !!!!  And so ........the language of the  Ottomanian subjects tries to become the official language of SKOPIA !! Doesn't matter if it is about 50 % Turkish rubish .............DO YOU LISTEN TO ME ? THIS IS ALEXANDER'S LANGUAGE  AND THE FAT WHORES OF HELSINKI SAID THAT THIS IS OK WITH THEM !!!!!!!  DO YOU LISTEN TO ME MAN ???????  IS OK !!! OTTOMAN OR BULGARIAN NO DIFFERENCE .............NOW IT IS MA-C-EDONIAN.

THE MA-C-EDONIAN....................LANGUAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLELUIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For the Retarded ones of our planet.

Do you folks out there understand now , HOW and WHEN those SKOPIANS decided that they were children of the people with history 4,000 years old ?

It was AFTER their brothers  from the East, beat the HECK out of their bones in WWll, and Tito gave them an opportunity for a partial state with a glorious name.

It was AFTER, they failed in the name of Communism to annex the GreekMakedonia.

It was AFTER, Stalin denied them the right to annex the Pirin Makedonia.

It was AFTER  the West denied the final victory to the East.

It was AFTER  the end of WWll almost 50 years that those .......Alexander's children finally woke up to claim a blood connection

In the Balkans  today , and everybody reading these boards, knows that we have a problem in Kosovo (a). That we have a problem with the name Makedonia. That Bulgaria is preparing it's children one more time for a try to seige the rest of Makedonia. That talks are going on regarding the language. Talks are going on also regarding the name. That the Rainbow- party is going to be the party of those lost children. Good....really the next elections we'll see how many they are .

And that they..........the EX-Bulgarians............are having the right to call themselves by any name they wish.

Yes it is true !!! They can call themselves by any name they wish, but by today's standards, they should give the same right to the rest that they live within their pseudo-state. And the only reason to do this is thru FREE DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS . They say that they are NOT ready YET !!!!!!! READY for what ? Ready for fraud ? Ready for more brain-wash ? Or maybe Gligorov wants to make sure that the SKOPIAN state is going to become indispensable to the Americans before he declares Election day ?

If SKOPIA wishes a happy future, the only road to it is thru FREE DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS ..................PERIOD.

George Sofoklis Tsapanos.

The historical facts and notes 1,2,3, were taken from::
 In sequence of time, this study is a continuation of Department of the Army CMH Pub 104-18, The German Campaigns in the Balkans (Spring1941), of November 1953.

    The material for this study was obtained from German military records now in the custody of The Adjutant General, Department of the Army. In addition to these official records, monographs by former German officers who participated in these operations furnished considerable general information and were of assistance in supplementing the terse official reports of specific actions. The authors of these monographs, prepared for the Historical Division, United States Army, Europe, include General der Gebirgstruppen (Lieutenant General) Hubert Lanz, former commander of the XXII Mountain Corps, and Polizeioberst (Colonel of Police) Karl Gaisser, German technical adviser to the Croatian Police.

     The work of preparing this study was done by Major Robert M. Kennedy of the Office of the Chief of Military History. In its presentation, every effort was made to give an accurate account of the protracted attempt by the German occupation forces to destroy their elusive guerrilla enemy in this secondary theater of war from 1941 through 1944.

And one more historical truth from the same source:
The Balkan peoples have been in contact with the inhabitants of Asia Minor, the Hungarian Plain, Central Europe, and the highly developed Mediterranean civilizations for thousands of years. Nevertheless it is still possible to distinguish such ethnic groupings as the Albanians, Serbs, Bulgars, Turks, Greeks, and Vlachs, the last a seminomadic race of herdsmen being absorbed gradually into the various national states into which the Balkan area is divided.

NOT   A    WORD     ABOUT    MA-C-EDONIANS    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards to all.......L.

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