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Date: 31 Jan 2000 18:44:40 GMT
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Good morning Elpida

I was to reply to you with in regards to the definition of a GREKOMAN but then all of a sudden  I thought  WHY such a DEFINITION became necessary ? So I am going to start a new thread and explain to you why I think such a definition was created when and why. The definition was closely related to the destruction of the Hellenic Element and their language,living in and around the Bisopric of Axrida, destructions that was due to:

1. During the 15th century Russia became the protector of the Orthodoxs including the Greeks hoping and waiting for the liberation from the Turks. The simple people in the cities, villages and mountains began for the first time learning about the Great Russia, her abilities and of course her civilization and language.

As we'll see, in the land of today's Albania and Western Makedonia or for the better in the land under the Bisopric of Axrida, the language of the Church and the people was the Greek one.

During the times of Peter the Great those populations including the ones living farther to the South began flirting with the SLAV language representing the language of the people that would free them from the Turks.

This idea became even stronger after 1766 when  Cathrerine the Great send her agents in the areas of what is today Greece but especially in specific areas of Epirus and Acarnania, in order to create a second front from the West against Turkey.

After Sultan Moustafa the 3rd learned about it, he declared the War against Russia in 1768.

It was the time when Russia send the two brothers Alexander and Theodore ORLOF into the Greek waters with their powerfull armada.

The results are known, the Turko-Albanians arrived in Peloponnisos with the Turks killing and destroying everything, and when enough became enough they turned their hate and lust for looting towards the North, towards the city and the people that had heavenly financed and helped the early revolution and the Russians.

They turned their attention to an ancient Hellenic-- VLACHIAN city by the name VOSKOPOLIS or MOSCHOPOLIS.

2. This city has been the center of Hellenism for centuries and centuries. Since Strabo's days, since Justinia's days, since the days of the Bisopric of Axrida.

It was the city with a printing office, was the city with hundred and hundred of thousands of people was the city with an Academy, was the biggest commercial center for transactions to Italy in the West all the way to England to the North.

In 1769 that city was regarded as I said the one most responcible for the implications of the Russians into the affairs and subjects of the Sublime Porte, and its complete destruction began.

The people of  Moschopolis became the immigrants to the North towards the other side of the Axrida Bisopric and farther up to Serbia and Austro-Hungaria, leaving behind them the land to the Turks and their Muslim allies called Albanians and  for the last 5-6 centuries.

Their forced immigration left behind them a big opening concerning the use of the Greek language, and around Moschopolis the language of the land became the Arvanitian-Albanian-Turkish, with very few speaking the Greek one.

The Vlachs leaving Moschopolis took with them not only the knowledge but also their two languages, the Vlachian and the Greek towards the lands where till then very few Greeks were living around Monastiri.

At this point we have an increased speach of the two languages in the Northern areas of the Axrida Bisopric.

Vlachian and Greek speaking populations are moving farther to the Nortth into areas where the Slav language is spoken.

3. Enter Ali-Pasha with  his oppressive politics that cause more Christian populations moving to the North and to the East.

4. Enter all the Turkish Pasha's from going to destroy Ali all the way to the various Makedonian revolutions till 1897 and you'll have a better picture as to why populations speaking the Greek or Vlachian language and having clearly Hellenic Ethnic Conscience were obligated to move towards areas that the main language was the Slav, but where the people didn't have an Ethnic Conscience. Those areas of course were under the Bisopric of Axrida or at least they were till the Bisopric of JUSTINIAN THE FIRST OF AXRIDA ceased existing in 1767.

5.  Bisopric of Justinian the First of Axrida.

It makes you wonder why the Bisopric of Axrida was closed in that year !

A reaction-retaliation of the Sublime Port against the Orthodoxs of the areas offering the most to the Russians ?

Or was Patriarch Samuil the 3rd tired of the last Bishop of Axrida ARSENIOS for personal reasons ?

Of course ARSENIOS was the last Bishop according to the Patriarchate of Konstantinoupolis, while the Patriarch of JERUSALEM CHRISANTHOS wants Bishop IOASAF the 46th Bishop of Axrida born in Moschopolis as the last Bishop  of said Bisopric.

What kind of political games were played by the two Patriarchs?

What kind of political games were played by the two Bishops of Axrida?

What kind of games were played till recently when the Patriarch of Konstantinoupolis Bartholomeos visited the ""New Territories"" as he called them, those of Western Makedonia, EXCEPT ONE.............the Bishopric of FLORINA under KANTIOTIS who was and is supporting the Patriarchate of ..................JERUSALEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found in one of my books, the last letter of ARSENIOS, in which it appears that he is resigning his post without any pressure and willingly. The letter is signed  ALPHA-PSI-KSI-ZETA'   JANUARY IST. 1767 the Bishopric of Axrida is abolished.

A center for Hellenism doesn't exist anymore, while hundred of thousands of immigrants will begin arriving in the next few years bringing with them the Vlachian and Greek languages together with the Hellenic Conscience in a land where so far the same languages were spoken to a lesser extend, with the Slav language in clear superiority farther to the North.

Remember the date Elpida, is the date more or less when SHOPOSKO was established in the shores of lake Prespa by populations speaking the Arvanite and Vlachian languages but..................populations of the ORTHODOX  faith. The power of Konstantinoupolis ceased existing in those areas while their religious sentiments were looking left and right to satisfy the needs of their souls.

Many of those persecuted populations even in case they were speaking Vlach and/or the Greek language they began speaking the language of the ones that they ONCE supported against the Turks ---- is a natural reaction after all like saying to the Turk.......I'll show you what I am going to do to you since i can do nothing more ---- they began speaking the SLAV language while their ETHNIC CONSCIENCE  REMAINED  HELLENIC !!!

Here lies the beginning of the differentiation among the populations speaking the SLAV language, but having HELLENIC CONSCIENCE or not having any at all. The Russians are coming back around 1825 eager to give an ETHNIC COSCIENCE to those populations that didn't have one, especially to the ones speaking some idioms of their Slav language.

Not only this, but since their Bishopric  has been abolished they were even more eager to take care of their religious needs and heal any needs of their souls.

And in such a way we are around the times of the Bulgarian Exarchate, an Exarchate that was created with all the blessings by the Russians and their puppets those of an un-existing ETHNICITY ---that BULGARIAN one --- an ETHNICITY created by an idiot, manipulative, Patriarch of Konstantinoupolis going by the name FOTIOS, an ETHNICITY that was and awaken from its deep sleep, by the new champions of PAN-SLAVISM, glorious children of all those GREAT Czars or Russia that time after time destroyed Hellas in the name of that PAN-SLAVISM.

So.............Dear Elpida all of a sudden we have these new saviors of lost ETHNICITIES and RELIGION.

They are better (in killing).....meaner( towards the noncombatant populations).......and consider themselves as the natural replacement of the Sublime Porte better known as the grave ill of Europe.

There was a small problem however, and that problem was that in the areas where they were planning to introduce their NEW ETHNICITY and their NEW RELIGION, the majority of the people already had both.

They were ETHNICALLY HELLENES and RELIGIOUSLY ORTHODOXS. The right kind of Orthodoxs of course not that of the EXARCHATE.

We already saw the main reasons for such situation.

The Russians and their servants, those populations that have been  named Bulgars, made the mistake that because part of those populations were speaking the SLAV language and or its idioms, will be easy targets to their conquering plants and creation of a Greater Bulgaria.

By the time they realized how difficult was going to be, the term GREKOMAN has been coined.


Especially the VLACHS and the populations speaking any IDIOM of the Slav language.

The funny part of it is that from the propagandists of the Romanian cause, according to the various statistics, the closer someone was going towards Romania the.............LESS people was finding to speak the VLACHIAN language. And the closer to Bulgaria or Serbia someone from OUR lands was going, the HARDER was becoming to understand the Bulgarian or Serbian language..............................Some kind of connection after all......................

As Karavitis, a Cretan Kapetanios said during his interview to the Italian newsman PATERNOZO on March the 12th 1907 speaking about for those GREKOMANS:


So Dear Elpida cheers to those GREKOMANS, after all  speaking  an idiom of the SLAV language, the VLACHIAN language a.k.a LATINO-MAKEDONIAN, or that ARVANITE one,  doesn't make them less than what their ancestors were.

Regards to all .............L.

"Vlachs...the Autochthonous
Of the Hellenic Peninsula"".

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