History of Mehmed the Conqueror by Kritovoulos


Translated from the Greek by Charles T. Riggs



Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut



Scans provided by Tandoori Masala


     An epistle

  PART I. Including the beginning of the reign of the Great Sultan Mehmed, his accession, his works and deeds, the building of the new fortress on the Bosporus, the battle for Constantinople and its capture. Period included: three years [a.d. 1451-1453]

  PART II. This includes the history of the expedition into Enos, the fight with the Triballi and their total defeat and enslavement, and the capture of the islands of Lemnos, Thasos, and Samothrace by the Italians. Time involved: four years [a.d. 1454-1457]


  PART III. Containing the war with the Peloponnesians, and the first and second invasions by the Sultan, and the complete overthrow and enslavement of these peoples, and other events of the period. Covering three years [a.d. 1458-1460]


  PART IV. Including the surrender of the city of Sinope and of all the realm of Ismail, and the surrender of Trebizond and of all its domain and its king; also the revolt of the Getae and their enslavement and the capture of the whole of Lesbos; also the first incursion of the Sultan against the Bostrians, and the destruction and the capture of their whole country. The entire duration: three years [a.d. 1461-1463]


  PART V. Including the war with the Venetians and the second expedition of the Sultan against the Bostrians; also the first and second expeditions of the Sultan against the Illyrians, and how he subdued their country and fortified a city in it. Period covered: four years [a.d. 1464-1467]


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