War in Eastern Europe
John Reed (Scribners, London, 1916)
List of Illustrations Publisher's Note  Maps
  1. The Country of Death
  2. The War Capital
  3. Toward the Front
  4. Belgrade Under the Austrian Guns
  5. Along the Battle-Line
  6. A Nation Exterminated
  7. Russia's Back Door
  8. Breaking into Bucovina
  9. Zalezchik the Terrible
  10. Behind the Russian Retreat
  11. Lemberg Before the Germans Came
  12. An Optimistic Pilgrimage
  13. The Face of Russia
  14. Petrograd and Moscow
  15. Toward the City of Emperors
  16. Constantinople Under the Germans
  17. The Heart of Stamboul
  18. Romania in Difficulties
  19. Bulgaria Goes to War
  20. Serbia Revisited, and Greece
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