The Balkan league


By Ivan Evstratiev Gueshoff, Formerly Prime minister of Bulgaria



Translated by Constantin C. Mincoff, First secretary at the Bulgarian legation


John Murray, London 1915

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    Preface to the English Edition  —  Preface to the Original Edition


1. The Conclusion of the Balkan Alliance

    Serbo-Bulgarian Treaty  —  Greco-Bulgarian Treaty  —  Montenegrin-Bulgarian Understanding


2. The Eve of the Balkan War

    M. Daneff in Russia - Disturbances in Turkey - Austrian proposal - Allies mobilise - Diplomatic notes which were exchanged at this stage of the crisis (I-VII. October 10-18, 1912) - Intervention justified


3. The Relations of the Allies during the Balkan War

    Autonomy abandoned - Carnegie Commission - Greek pretensions - Greek procrastinations - Telegram to M. Bobtcheff - Request for arbitration - Russia warns Serbia - Growing tension - Revision of the Treaty - Serbian dilatoriness - Roumania approached - Greek proposals - Intervention of England


4. The Dissolution of the Balkan Alliance

    The First Serbo-Bulgarian War  —  The Second Serbo-Bulgarian War  —  Facsimile of the Proclamation of King Peter


APPENDIX. The Treaties and Conventions of Bulgaria with Serbia and Greece

    1. Treaty of Friendship and Alliance with Serbia

    2. Secret annex to the Treaty

    3. Military Convention between Bulgaria and Serbia

    4. Agreement between the Bulgarian and Serbian General Staffs

    5. Opinions of the Representatives of the General Staffs

    6. Agreement between the Bulgarian and Serbian General Staffs

    7. Treaty of Defensive Alliance between Bulgaria and Greece

    8. Military Convention between Bulgaria and Greece

    9. Memoir of the Bulgarian Government on the Serbo-Bulgarian Arbitration


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