Moravia’s history reconsidered. A reinterpretation of medieval sources


by Imre Boba



Martinus Nijhoff / The Hague 1971



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“The entanglement of Moravia with

the Bulgarians must be clarified by history.“


V. T. Tatishchev’s marginal note in the manuscript of his Istoriia Rossiiskaia  [*] (completed in 1750).

*. Cf., V. N. Tatishchev, Istoriia Rossiiskaia, vol. 2 (Moscow-Leningrad, 1963); p. 301.







I. Rewriting Moravia’s history  1

a. A brief outline of the history of Moravia — b. Premises of Moravian history — c. The diocese of Saint Methodius — d. Moravia part of Slavonia — e. Slavonic liturgy in Croatia and Dalmatia


II. Basic premises  21

a. Marava, Maravenses and Moravia — b. Slavonia


III. The realm of Moravia  31

a. Testimony of Western Chronicles and Annals — b. Testimony of Byzantine sources


IV. The episcopacy and diocese of St. Methodius  86

a. Testimony of Ecclesiastic sources — b. The so-called “Forgeries of Lorch”


V. Medieval historiography on Moravia  104

a. Tradition and evidence south of the Drava — b. Tradition and evidence north of the Danube


VI. Archeology and philology concerning Moravia  141

a. Evidence derived from archeology — b. Philological evidence


    Conclusions  159


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