Aspects of the Balkans. Continuity and change


Contributions to the International Balkan Conference held at UCLA,

October 23-28, 1969




( MOUTON, The Hague - Paris, 1972)




Title pages..


   Prefatory Note  ( H. Birnbaum )


Maria GIMBUTAS The Neolithic Cultures of the Balkan Peninsula

Vladimir GEORGIEV The Earliest Ethnological Situation of the Balkan Peninsula as Evidenced by Linguistic and Onomastic Data


Pavle IVIĆ.  Balkan Slavic Migrations in the Light of South Slavic Dialectology


Kostas KAZAZIS The Status of Turkisms in the Present-Day Balkan Languages


Peter CHARANIS Town and Country in the Byzantine Possessions of the Balkan Peninsula During the Later Period of the Empire


Ivan DUJČEV Le problème de la continuité dans l'histoire de la Bulgarie médiévale


Speros VRYONIS, JR.  Religious Changes and Patterns in the Balkans, 14th-16th Centuries


M.  CHATZIIDAKIS Aspects de la peinture religieuse dans les Balkans (1300-1500)

K. OTTO-DORN Nachleben byzantinischer Traditionen in der Moschee Murads II. in Edirne


Edward WILLIAMS A Byzantine Ars Nova: The 14th-Century Reforms of John Koukouzeles in the Chanting of Great Vespers


B. LAOURDAS Greek Religious Texts During the Ottoman Period


Henrik BIRNBAUM Byzantine Tradition Transformed: The Old Serbian Vita


Andreas TIETZE The Balkans and Ottoman Sources — Ottoman Sources and the Balkans


Albert LORD The Effect of the Turkish Conquest on Balkan Epic Tradition


Robert GEORGES Process and Structure in Traditional Storytelling in the Balkans: Some Preliminary Remarks


Halil İNALCIK The Ottoman Decline and Its Effects Upon the Reaya


J. MATL Die patriarchale Altkultur und der Weg zur Neukultur


Thomas EEKMAN Parallel Developments in the Poetry of the South Slavs (Late 19th and Early 20th Century)


R. V. BURKS Nationalism and Communism in Yugoslavia: An Attempt at Synthesis


Huey Louis KOSTANICKBalkan Demographic Trends and Population Heartlands


   Epilogue  ( S. Vryonis )


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