Macedonia and Bulgarian National Nihilism

Ivan Alexandrov (Macedonian Patriotic Organization “TA” Australia Inc. 1993)

A condensed English version of his original Bulgarian text “A New Thinking and Approach on Some Questions of Bulgarian History” – 1988. 

Based on public lectures delivered on 3rd March 1987 and 29th March 1988 at the Cultural Centre “Vladimir Pop Tomoff” – Sofia

1. Important Periods
2. The Territory
3. The Ethnic Composition
4. The Language
5. The Bulgarian National Concept
6. Vrhovism
7. The Right and Left Wings of MLM
8. The Bulgarian Wars
9. The Insurrections
10. The Nature of IMRO
11. Ivan Mihailoff and Mihailovism
12. Autonomy and Macedonism
13. Past Lessons
14. Progressive Ideas
15. Concluding Remarks

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