Macedonia and Bulgarian National Nihilism
Ivan Alexandrov


Even now it is still not apparent to all Bulgarians that Macedonia should be considered within its Bulgarian ethnic borders to the west, north and south, and not as a separate geographic unit (65,000 km2). The same argument applies to Thrace which we only claim up to the Enos-Midia Line and not to the Bosphorus and Dardanelles. Also consider Moesia we don't profess to claim it all (Upper and Lower) but only the Lower which includes Dobrudja. Clearly in these matters a single unified approach is essential.

Another issue is the Bulgarian boundaries preceding and following the Liberation - that is the lands in which the Bulgarian population constituted the absolute majority. The latter represent more than 200,000 km2 - Moesia (85,000), Thrace (52,000) and Macedonia (65,000). There is also no explanation about the ethnic changes after the Wars during the second decade of this century nor about the Bulgarian people's struggles and involvement in them. The same deficiency applies to WWII. Consider as well that sometimes parts of Aegean Macedonia (Belomorska) are included with Thrace when we apply the term "White Sea" (Belomorie). At other times we do the exact opposite, adding parts of Western Thrace (district of Xanthi) to Macedonia. Another error is that we include within the ethnic map of Macedonia, the whole, or in part, the population of Kosovo who are exclusively Albanians and to a lesser extent Serbians. These are the annoying and damaging mistakes when we publish historic maps, that allow our credibility to be challenged.

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