Macedonia and Bulgarian National Nihilism
Ivan Alexandrov


If we trace in detail the struggles of the MLM, and that of the entire Bulgarian people in their quest for national unification, we would be amazed at the innumerable accounts of unparalleled heroism and patriotism. At the same time we would become aware of the devastating conflicts and fratricidal killings between our own people. In our exposé two national catastrophes would appear, marked by the unrealized dreams of the fallen and the agony, despair and grief of the living. Before and after these apocalyptic events we sadly witness a chronology of political and military mistakes. The pages of suffering and despondency from the past are a testimonial to the failure of our unity as a nation. The enemies of our national unification used all possible means to impede our attempts to realize that one supreme goal.

But we ourselves have failed, because we lacked the necessary objective single-minded thinking required, and that is why today we have little or no perception of the past and all the important information and lessons it holds.

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