Extracts from the memoirs of Hristo Shaldev
I hope that a few introductory words may be of value to the reader. It is sad but true, that until reading my fatherís memoirs I had never understood the extent his whole life had been dedicated to the Macedonian struggle for freedom and independence.

While these summarized memoirs may be of limited interest to the general public, his complete memoirs (some 300 pages), which I hope one day will be published in their entirety, constitute a permanent and living historic record very relevant lo today's debate on this subject. Although the title "Revolutionary" is quite fitting to describe my father's activities perhaps an even more appropriate depiction is that of a worker ("Deez").

Finally I wish to express my thanks to Dr George Phillipou, Chairperson of the "Macedonian Patriotic Organization Todor Alexandroff Australia Inc." without whose help this publication would not have come to pass.

I Schaldew

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