An American Macedonian
G. Lebamoff


For a number of years my children have been asking me to write the story of our family heritage and our family business. 1 am doing it now in semi-retirement so that my grandchildren and eventually their descendants will know about the sacrifices our Macedonian ancestors made in coming to this country and how blessed we have been as Americans.

Our success in the liquor business can be attributed to the initial guidance of my father and father-in-law and the loyalty of our employees over the years. From Dad's one small store, and following his philosophy that "the customer is always right," the boys have expanded to fourteen locations throughout the city.

The Lebamoffs are proud, hard-working, and fun-loving people, grounded in a strong faith and love of family. As first-generation Americans, my Macedonian roots and those of my wife Rosie are deep. We want our children and grandchildren to understand and cherish that special heritage.

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