Travels in Epirus, Albania, Macedonia, and Thessaly
by F.C.H.L. Pouqueville (London: Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co, 1820)

Editor's Notice
   1. Voyage from Ancona to Ragusa
   2. Ragusa
   3. Voyage along the Coast of Albania and Epirus, from Ragusa to Port Palermo
   4. Acroceraunia, or the Mountainous Region of Chimara
   5. Coast of Albania, from the Voioussa or Aous, north to the Drino or Drilo, by which it is separated from the Country of Scutari or Scodra. Apollonia. Berat. Rivers Aous, Apsus, Genusus. Durazzo. Croia. Alessio
   6. Route from Port Palermo by Delvino to Janina. Excursion from Delvino to Butrinto, the ancient Buthrotum
   7. Dodona. Valley and Strait of the River Aous, now the Voioussa. Valley of the Celydnus. Tebelen. Argyro-castron

   8. Janina, Valley and Lakes. Castritza
   9. Route from Janina, by Mezzovo, over Mount Pindus into Macedonia. Sources of the Aous and the Inachus. Pass of Jan-Catara. Rivers Milias and Rhedias, or Venetico. Greveno. Phila. Route from Phila to Trikata, in Thessaly
  10. Journey from Greveno to Castoria
  11. Tours in the Environs of Castoria. Fiorina. River Erigon. Gheortcha. Lake of Lychnidus. Ochrida. River Devol, or Genusus. Lake of Prespa, &c.
  12. Return from Castoria to Janina. Chatista. Servia. Route to Larissa. Sources of the Rhodias or Venetico. Roman way across Pindus to Apollonia

  13. Route from Janina by Metzovo over Mount Pindus, and down the Valley of the Peneus towards Larissa. Meteora. Gomphi. Trikala
  14. Pharsalus. Battle between Cæsar and Pompey. Rivers Apidanus and Enipeus. Moscolouri, &c.
  15. Larissa. Olympus. Tempe. Magnesia. Cynocephalæ. Volo

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