Pictures from Salonica - Sofia*
"The Balkan Trail", Frederick Moore, London 1906

By chance F. Moore, who had widely travelled across Macedonia and Bulgaria, visited Salonica on the night of the "Dynamiters" actions.
Velislav Radev, London
Salonica and the bombs, 1903:
The wreck of the Ottoman Bank
Entering the Dynamiters' den

Salonica and the asker:
Asiatic soldiers, 'Redifs'
Waiting for Dynamiters, Salonica

Exiles to Diarbekir:
Exiles, shipped weekly from Salonica

Salonica Jews:
Jewish women

The ancient arch of Constantine, Salonica
The Macedonian

On the Bulgarian-Turkish border:
The bridge over the Struma: Turk and Bulgar
A Bulgarian blockhouse

On a frontier bridge

Dzhumaja, 1903:
The Turkish quarter: Djuma-Bala

A view of Sofia: Vitosha in the background

* the pictures were kindly provided by Mr. Velislav Radev