The Slavs: Their Early History and Civilization

Francis Dvornik


The Slavs: Their Early History and Civilization


by Francis Dvornik

Professor of Byzantine History at Dumbarton Oaks and Member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University


American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston 1956



Survey of Slavic civilization, volume II


Published with the assistance of and under the sponsorship of Curt Reisinger and the Committee for the Promotion of Advanced Slavic Cultural Studies in cooperation with the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. Volume I, Dmitry Cizevsky, Outline of Comparative Slavic Literature, 143 pp., paper cover, $2.00, was published in December 1952.


© Copyright 1956 by American Academy of Arts and Sciences


To the Memory of my Mother





Preface 1

Chapter 1. Origins and Migrations of the Slavs 3

Chapter 2. Primitive Slavic Civilization 46

Chapter 3. The Franks, Byzantium and the First Slavic States 60

Chapter 4. The Moravian Empire and Its Greek Apostles SS. Constantine-Cyril and Methodius 80

Chapter 5. After the Destruction of the Moravian Empire. Germany and the Rise of Bohemia and Poland 103

Chapter 6. The Southern Slavs, the Franks, Byzantium and Rome 116

Chapter 7. Old Slavonic Culture and Literature and Their Byzantine Background 147

Chapter 8. The Russia of Kiev 189

Chapter 9. The Slavs at the Crossroads. Federation in Otto III’s Roman Empire of the Formation of a Great Slav State? 256

Chapter 10. The Slavs, The Empire, and The Papacy 271

Chapter 11. The Baltic and Polabian Slavs: The Wends 293

Chapter 12. The Downfall of Poland and Bohemia: Westernization of Their Culture 312


Bibliography 342

Index 373


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