Ancient Peoples and Places, vol. 84



The Bulgarians. From pagan times to the Ottoman conquest


David Marshall Lang


Thames and Hudson

London 1976

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The Madara Horseman


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    Foreword - Chronological table


1. The environment: Land and people

    The Danube - The Balkan range - The plains - The southern mountains - The Black Sea coast region - Trade routes - Climate - Flora and fauna - National characteristics

2. Bulgarian origins: Early settlers and invaders

    The Thracians - The Greeks - The Romans - The Goths - Early Christianity - The Huns - The Slavs - The Vlachs - The Seven- tribes - The Bulgars - The Bulgar army - Old Great Bulgaria - The Armenians - The Cumans or Polovtsians - The Pechenegs


3. From khanate to imperium: the First Bulgarian empire

    The coming of Asparukh - Khan Tervel and Justinian II - The Treaty with Byzantium - An age of anarchy - Telerig the double-crosser - Khan Kardam and Empress Irene - Krum the conqueror - Omurtag the builder - Early Christianity: Knyaz Boris-Michael - Symeon the strong - Decline under tsar Peter - The Russians in Bulgaria - Tsar Samuel and the twilight of empire

4. The rise and fall of the Second Bulgarian empire

    Under Byzantine rule - Delyan’s rebellion - Disorders in the Balkans - Arrival of the Crusaders - Bulgaria regains independence - Tsar Kaloyan the brave - Boril the inept - Achievements of tsar Ivan Assen II - Finance and trade - Decline of the central power - King Ivailo the swineherd - The rise of Serbia - George Terter and his successors - The Shishman dynasty - Ivan Alexander, patron of the arts - Decline and decay - The end of the Bulgarian empire


5. Social protest: The Bogomil heresy

    Origins of Bogomilism - Bogomil view of the universe - Bogomil doctrine and morality - Rationalist elements - Social organization and political action - The spread of Bogomilism abroad

6. Literature and learning

    Missions of Cyril and Methodius - Literary heritage of Cyril and Methodius - Literary work of St Clement of Ohrida - The golden age of Bulgarian literature - Some famous manuscripts - Apocryphal a and wisdom literature - History and science - The silver age of Bulgarian literature - Euthymius and Hesychast movement - Disciples of Patriarch Euthymius

7. Architecture and the arts

    Architecture of the Pliska-Madara period - Shumen - The Madara horseman - Metalwork and ceramics - Early Christian architecture - Later church architecture - Secular architecture - Wood-carving - Fresco painting - Icon painting - Manuscript illumination - Music


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