The Bulgarians. From pagan times to the Ottoman conquest

David Marshall Lang





David Lang read Russian, French and German at St John's College, Cambridge, where he was a Scholar and later, Research Fellow. During World War II he went to Persia and became Acting Vice-Consul at Tabriz. Since 1946 he has led an active and varied academic life: he has held a Rotary International Foundation Fellowship (1948-49), a Senior Fellowship at the Russian Institute of Columbia University, New York (1952-53), and a Visiting Professorship at the University of California, Los Angeles (1964-65). He is currently Professor of Caucasian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, having joined the staff in 1949, and Warden of Connaught Hall.


Professor Lang is author of The Georgians (Vol. 51 in the Ancient Peoples and Places series) and of Armenia: Cradle of Civilization (1931), among many other publications.



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