The new national-liberation struggle in Vardar Macedonia, 1944-1991, Dimitar G. Gotsev


The events, happening in Vardar Macedonia since 1944, where the pan-serbian communists made an out-law the bulgarian nationality, language and history, as well as the aspiration of the local intelligentsia to defend them even at the cost of its life, are an extremely important scientific and current political problem.

The main aim of this study is to take a fleeting look on those tragic events, which are of fatal importance to several generations of bulgarians, left on their own for several decades (since 1944), to defend the bulgarian name and language, the bulgarian history and national-cultural identity of Macedonia, and to a certain extent the whole bulgarian spirit.

The dramatic pages, dedicated to the heroism and self-sacrifice of the intelligentsia in Macedonia, standing, after 1944, in the lead of the fight against the pan-serbian communist oppression of the bulgarian population of Macedonia, must become public knowledge not only to the bulgarian but also to the international public consciousness.

The research study is based completely on original sources. Predominantly, the documental notes of the most notorious participants in the new struggle have been used. Facts from the press, concerning the mentioned events, as well as the published abroad and at home documental memories have also been used.

The present study (which is part of a bigger investigation) is a colourless reflection of the victims given and the tragedy, lived through by the bulgarians in Vardar Macedonia under the serbocommunist regime during the period examined.


After the new return of the pan-serbian chauvinists to Vardar Macedonia, in October and November of 1944, in spite of having status of "federal unit" in the newly created yugoslav federation, the region, once again becomes a valley of tears, blood and death.

In order to force the bulgarian population to resign to the externally enforced pan-serbian communist decision on Vardar Macedonia, the new authorities, headed by Svetozar Voukmanovitch-Tempo, Lazar Koulishevski, Alexander Rankovitch and others, undertake mass repressions and assassinations of the eminent and more open-minded patriots in Macedonia, proclaiming them for "pan-bulgarian chauvinists", "fascists", "michailovists", "IMRO-ists" etc., all "mortal sins", for which the pan-serbian chauvunists and their servants in Macedonia prosecute and murder.

Only in 1945 and 1946, with or without sentence have been executed or have dissappeared without trace more than 4700 bulgarians. There are mass murders in Prilep, Bitolya, Veles, Koumanovo, Shtip, the villages around Malashevtsi, Kavadartsi and in other places. At the same time, more than 15 000 are arrested, accused as "collaborators of the bulgarian occupator", of "insult of the macedonian honour" and that they work against the unity of new Yugoslavia. These are, in fact, thousands of macedonian patriots, who openly confront the return of Vardar Macedonia, in no matter what form, to Serbian Yugoslavia. They do not accept the macedonian name to be confronted with the bulgarian essence of Macedonia, nor to cultivate hatred and detestation for Bulgaria, as principal criterion of "macedonian" patriotism.

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