Carnegie Endowment for International peace
To Inquire into the causes and Conduct OF THE BALKAN WARS, PUBLISHED BY THE ENDOWMENT WASHINGTON, D.C. 1914 [Title Page]

    Why this inquiry?The objections - Constitution and character of the Commission - DepartureInquiryReturn of the commission - The report  - The lesson of the two wars

CHAPTER I  The Origin of the Two Balkan Wars
   The ethnography and national aspirations of the Balkans - The struggle for autonomy - The alliance and the treaties - The conflict between the allies

CHAPTER II  The War and the Noncombatant Population
   The plight of the Macedonian Moslems during the First war - The conduct of the Bulgarians in the Second war - The Bulgarian peasant and the Greek army

CHAPTER III  Bulgarians, Turks and Servians
    Adrianople - Thrace - The theater of the Servian-Bulgarian war

CHAPTER IV  The War and the Nationalities
    Extermination, emigration, assimilation - Servian Macedonia (a) - Servian Macedonia (b) - 3. Greek Macedonia

CHAPTER V  The War and International Law

CHAPTER VI  Economic Results of the Balkan Wars

CHAPTER VII  The Moral and Social Consequences of the Wars and the Outlook for the Future of Macedonia

Chapter II:
Appendix AThe Plight of the Macedonian Moslems during the First War
Appendix BThe Conduct of the Bulgarians in the Second War
Appendix CThe Bulgarian Peasant and the Greek Army. Extracts from Letters of Greek Soldiers
Appendix DThe Servians in the Second War

Chapter III:
Appendix EThe Accusation
Appendix FThe Defense
Appendix GDepositions
 -   ()  -   ()
The New Frontiers according to the Treaties of London, Constantinople, & Bukharest Macedonia from the Bulgarian Point of View. After Vasil Kantchev Macedonia from the Servian Point of View. After Dr. Tsviyits

Appendix HTheater of the Servian-Bulgarian War

Chapter VI:
Appendix IStatistics: Bulgaria - Greece - Montenegro - Servia

Analysis of the Report

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